Mirror, Mirror on the wall – but which one is the best of all?


It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we experience life on a daily basis. We read our newspapers on our phones, we watch our television on our laptops, and our children may never know how to turn the pages of a magazine without one finger. And while there are a whole universe of pros and cons, technology is certainly changing our bathroom experience for the better – and here’s why.

Technology is turning your bathroom into a more personal space, and it’s starting with your mirror.

Did you know that mirrors can now be adjusted to landscape or portrait format? Did you know that mirrors can now play back your favourite songs via Bluetooth – turning your bathroom singing session into a veritable concert?

They can even be adjusted so you can see yourself in the form of lighting you choose. Mirrors can literally make you see yourself in a different light, and how cool is that?

At SKC Providers, we stock a number of these hugely intelligent mirrors, and we’d like you to know just how much of a game-changer they can be for your bathroom time. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

 They’re as sleek, modern, and stylish as they come, but mirrors like the Mosca or Lunar are more than just pretty faces. Complete with LED lighting, they give you that extra brightness to ensure absolute accuracy whenever you shave, apply make-up, or even brush your teeth. They don’t miss a thing.

 In-built demister pads are becoming more and more common in mirror technology as the absorb moisture so that there’s no need to perform a rub-down after you step out of the shower, because the mirror hasn’t fogged up in the first place.

 In the mood for some Westlife or Ed Sheeran? We won’t judge, but the Mosca Mirror in particular can play you your favourite songs via a Bluetooth link to your smartphone – meaning that your own bathroom mirror can turn into a speaker for all of your Spotify favourites.

 Models like the Aura come with adjustable ambiance settings meaning that you can choose between lighting such as “cool white” or “warm white” and even switch between portrait or landscape formatting so you can admire yourself in a way that suits you.

 Still need some convincing? Why not inquire about one of these super smart mirrors at your local SKC Providers store and completely revolutionise your bathroom. We’ll be more than happy to help you choose the best one for you.

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